Big Block Paver


The latest addition to the Big Block family, the PAVER was designed for ADV riders with an on-road focus.

The Paver boasts a front tread pattern designed to minimize the scalloping effect common on heavier ADV bikes.

The rear pattern is designed for high mileage while maintaining the necessary traction in off highway 


Big Block Paver
Details Part No. Description
View Details for K2715 K2715 130/80B17 K678 BIG BLOCK PAVER 65H TL
View Details for K2730 K2730 150/70B17 K678 BIG BLOCK PAVER 69H TL
View Details for K2735 K2735 170/60B17 K678 BIG BLOCK PAVER 72H TL
View Details for K2740 K2740 140/80B18 K678 BIG BLOCK PAVER 70H TL
View Details for K2750 K2750 150/70B18 K678 BIG BLOCK PAVER 70H TL
View Details for K2770 K2770 100/90B19 K678F BIG BLOCK PAVER 57H TL
View Details for K2780 K2780 110/80B19 K678F BIG BLOCK PAVER 59H TL
View Details for K2785 K2785 120/70B19 K678F BIG BLOCK PAVER 60H TL
View Details for K2790 K2790 90/90B21 K678F BIG BLOCK PAVER 54H TL
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